Shorebird identification….

…or the moment where you realize you are still very much a birding amateur, because shorebird identification is incredibly frustrating without an expert handy. Killdeer, check. Ones with black bands of patterns are easy enough to narrow down. Everything else is some mix of brown and white. On an urban reservoir with a small mudflat, […]

Can a Bird do that?

I think I’m being pranked. Yet another thing that humans had reserved for themselves – intentional use of fire, seems to be falling by the wayside. Black kites and brown falcons in Australia have been documented dropping burning twigs in areas outside of the fire’s reach in order to flush out tasty bits of protein-lizards, […]

Common Birds

Keeping common birds common is a mantra I’ve been hearing lately, as conservation often waits until something is closer to the abyss of extinction to act.  A lot of common birds have been declining–tree swallows and Northern flickers among others. So I’ve been thrilled to see a red-bellied woodpecker hanging out at the local bird feeder. […]

Up Close & Animal

This weekend was a nature whirlwind, from the Jersey shore to Delaware’s National Park to  New York State parks. Friday we drove down to Sandy Hook and took a great walk with the American Littoral Society to see the horseshoe crabs coming ashore for their mating season. The females are impressive and agile even with their […]