Thoughts on Aquariums

I am working through my thoughts on aquariums. I appreciate the research, conservation, and education sides of them. But, some questions. What percentage of people are inspired by the education components to take action? How many visitors change their behaviors or mindsets due to exhibits? Or are they just a way to bring a nature […]


A big part of growing up for me was fully understanding that physics applied to me. Yanking something, while satistfying at the moment, would either mean it would break or I would tumble backwards when it was freed. If I heard something tear when I was yanking clothes on or off, that meant that something […]

Urban Jungle

I was the star producer in my own NatGeo special today – except my camera was an iPhone and my quarry was in a park. I was walking around a neighborhood park with a co-worker and discussing the buffleheads and cormorant we’d already seen amidst floating plastic, when a flapping figure went past my vision […]

It’s Migration Time!

Hello, migration! It’s the most wonderful time of year for a bird watcher. While I celebrate the appearance of unique birds, seeing my first Scarlet Tanager (female or juvenile male) and first American Redstart, I also know that many of the beautiful fierce migrants won’t make it. Hoping to find a couple of other unique […]

Sparrows in the Airport

Hey Mr. House Sparrow, how did you end up in the Denver airport? Can you get out voluntarily? Are you stuck? Will you be removed by airport employees? Where do you take your dust baths? Where do you get water? Do you have a nest in the airport? Questions I expect will remain unanswered. Other animals […]