Shorebird identification….

…or the moment where you realize you are still very much a birding amateur, because shorebird identification is incredibly frustrating without an expert handy. Killdeer, check. Ones with black bands of patterns are easy enough to narrow down. Everything else is some mix of brown and white. On an urban reservoir with a small mudflat, […]

Review of the Sixth Extinction, Part 2

And I’m back with a second part to my thoughts on the Sixth Extinction, because the book has just stuck in my craw. I’m still mulling it over. Extinctions seem to be quiet. Most go unnoticed. The end might be violent (see:  great auk) or unassuming in the wild (see:  baiji freshwater dolphin) but it […]

Review of The Sixth Extinction

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This cliche that came to mind while reading that the Javan rhino, once widespread in Southeast Asia, is down to “less than fifty individuals left, all in a single Javanese reserve” (Kolbert 2014, p. 222). The colossal creatures remaining here are in trouble–bears, big cats, elephants, rhinos. I […]

A Selection of Quotations by E.O. Wilson

I know I’m late to the party. I plan on making up for years of not reading these works immediately. Some of the many spot-on quotations from E.O. Wilson’s Diversity of Life (2010): Extinction: “[Hawaiian] honeycreepers disappeared as vanished species usually do, not in a dramatic catacylsm but unnoticed” (97) “The committment must be much […]