It’s Migration Time!

Hello, migration! It’s the most wonderful time of year for a bird watcher.

While I celebrate the appearance of unique birds, seeing my first Scarlet Tanager (female or juvenile male) and first American Redstart, I also know that many of the beautiful fierce migrants won’t make it. Hoping to find a couple of other unique sightings in the next weeks, though even seeing common birds makes me happy. Here’s looking at you, mockingbirds.

Put your cats inside and close your window blinds. At least through October. But preferably the rest of the year, at least for the cats thing.

I posted an old National Geographic map poster of bird migration in my cubicle, and was saddened to find in small italics, the morbid factoid that an estimated 100 million birds die on migration every year due to window collisions.

Wishing these parents and offspring a safe migration if they are peripatetic birds. Photo by author, New Jersey, 2016.

Also, if you haven’t seen this Audubon post on animal movements anticipated due to climate change, check it out:

Climate Change Migration Map

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