Tiny Ducks with Big Names

I know animals should be valued for more than their charisma and appeal to humans. Yet, I can’t resist enthusing to everyone about how adorable buffleheads are. I love the iridescent heads of the males and the understated white stripe on the females.

Yesterday was a gift of a warm, upper 50’s day, improved vastly by the fact that the water was so clear and the buffleheads so close to the edge that I could track the male underwater after his bob-and-dive, his webbed feet and propelling him through the water.

Photo by author in Central Park, March 2016, of a male bufflehead duck motoring towards his mate, who’s out of sight. 

Kudos to my patient friend for letting me watch this guy and his mate hunt underwater for a while, and retroactive gratitude to Olmsted (among many) for planning such a beautiful park with all sorts of buoyant visitors.

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