Thoughts on Aquariums

I am working through my thoughts on aquariums. I appreciate the research, conservation, and education sides of them. But, some questions. What percentage of people are inspired by the education components to take action? How many visitors change their behaviors or mindsets due to exhibits? Or are they just a way to bring a nature […]


A big part of growing up for me was fully understanding that physics applied to me. Yanking something, while satistfying at the moment, would either mean it would break or I would tumble backwards when it was freed. If I heard something tear when I was yanking clothes on or off, that meant that something […]

Shorebird identification….

…or the moment where you realize you are still very much a birding amateur, because shorebird identification is incredibly frustrating without an expert handy. Killdeer, check. Ones with black bands of patterns are easy enough to narrow down. Everything else is some mix of brown and white. On an urban reservoir with a small mudflat, […]


I’d never much considered the fact that there must be different kind of sparrows beyond house sparrow, though I knew they weren’t native, I didn’t quite know what kinds of other sparrows were around. I’ve become rather fond of native sparrows. The pink bill of a field sparrow still makes me smile. I rejoiced at […]